Building an Argument: Content and interaction example.

“Is the world changing for the better?” (College Board, 2012; p823)

Thesis: At present the world is not changing for the better.

ILA. 1.Evidence| 2.Analysis

1.Evidence| Over 60% of the forest that previous covered the earth has been cut down.

2.Analysis| Clearing space for development is one of the main causes for the destruction of forests. For a long time technology has been developed with very little regard for nature, resulting in many sites of natural beauty being destroyed entirely and lost to mankind forever.

PLA. 1.Point| 2.More information| 3.ILA| 4.Link

1.Point| Many sites of natural beauty have been destroyed.

2.More information| Although technological advancements allow us to achieve or
create more things, at the same time irreplaceable things are being ignorantly destroyed.

3.ILA|Evidence and analysis.

4.Link| As the earth’s natural beauty is being destroyed and is unable to be restored, the world certainly is not changing for the better.

ELA. 1.Intro| 2.PLA-1| 3.PLA-2| 4.PLA-3| 5. Conc.

1.Introduction|Change is inevitable! It is true that the world must and will always change, but that does not mean that the change will always be good. At present the world is not changing for the better. Evidence from nature, social interaction
and economy will be used to support this thesis.

2.PLA-1|1 st body paragraph.
3.PLA-2|2 nd body paragraph.
4.PLA-3|3 rd body paragraph.

5.Conclusion|In conclusion, it is clear that the world is not changing for the better. Evidence from nature, social interaction, and the economy clearly shows that the world is in fact getting worse. If the world continues to change in this way, there will be nothing left worth cherishing.

Evidence: is only a description of “what” has happened in the world.

Analysis: Adds important information to the evidence and shows “how” changes in the world have caused it. Through the analysis, the evidence is connected to the point of the PLA.

Point: Must be 1 sentence only, which clearly shows the argument of the paragraph.

More Information: develops the point (paragraph argument) ready for the ILA, by adding more details to the point.

Key Information!

A PLA can contain more than 1 ILA, and an ELA can have more than 3 PLAs.
In fact, at university a PLA should have many more ILAs, and an ELA should have as many PLAs as needed to effectively answer the question.